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Mold 101

8/4/2016 (Permalink)

There is a plethora of bad information floating around about mold. SERVPRO of Greater Pontiac has your back and can help you sort through the facts

  Chances are by now you have seen or heard horror stories about mold. Maybe it's from a neighbor, friend, or even the local news doing a story about the evil "Black Mold" that is spreading across the country. 

  First things first, lets understand one basic fact that some people may not tell you... Mold is everywhere. I can guarantee that you have brought mold into your home. The good thing is that not all mold is harmful. The type of mold, the environment, and how much mold is in an area (measured in spores per cubic meter) goes a long way in determining what steps are necessary to keep your house and your family safe.

 The other factor that makes understanding mold difficult is that there is a plethora of misinformation floating around. What kind of risks are there? How rare is it to find mold in your house? What are the chances that your home insurance covers mold? How do you know which information is accurate? Don't worry, SERVPRO of Greater Pontiac Has your back. Check back over the next few weeks and months to learn more!